"The Duettissimo allowed the two accomplished musicians to show their remarkable ability and interaction" review after the concert "Duettissimo" in Washington ( 2015.01.16)
"The density of expressiveness of this trio is truly fascinating..." "Ensemble magazin" 6/14 review on CD "Johanna Doderer - The Piano Trios" (Label: Capriccio/Austria, Distribution: NAXOS)
"... Stunning recording. An absolute must-listen.”
review of the new Vilos Trio CD "Piano Trios" by Johanna Doderer, "Wiener Zeitung", 14.10.2014
"..It seems, that there is nothing impossible for Dalia Dedinskaite and Gleb Pyšniak, there are no limits for this duo.. The audience could not do anything else, but enjoy the music. We could see only two artists on the stage, but the space was completely fulfilled, it seemed that we were listening to a string quartet."
cultural weekly newspaper oh Lithuania "7md", 2014.04.25 (after the duo-recital in Vienna Musikverein in 2014-04-09)
"Standing ovations to Lithuanians given at the Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam"

"...In February, the young Lithuanian musicians, cellist Gleb Pysniak and pianist Darius Mazintas has impressed the "old-stager" publics of Dutch and Slovak Republics.
The Dutch agency "Holland music sessions" that has organized a concert tour for musicians was pleased to acknowledge the excitement of the audience, which did not want to let the duo off the stage. In 2009, the same agency invited musicians to the festival in Holland and after Mr. Pysniak and Mr. Mazintas performance receiving great feedback were repeatedly invited to hold a concert tour in the prestigious European venues, such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Slovak Philharmonic Hall and Odeon Theatre in Zwolle..."
Buon giorno, Dottore

Thanks for what you gave us on Saturday evening — wonders to marvel at and to lift the spirit.

Christopher Nupen, (on the 18th of May 2014 after the concert in "Nonclassical nights" of Classical:NEXT festival in Vienna, Austria)
The talents of various nations - Lithuanian cellist Gleb Pyšniak and Norwegian pianist Ole Christian Haagenrud – have found the key to the colorful visual world. The dialogue of this duet - it's quiet, a soul enlightening confession, and driven by a passionate southern temperament. (...) It seems, there is not a single emotion that couldn't be conveyed by this fiery temperamental virtuoso, stunning the listeners with its technical arsenal (Lithuania, 2011-08-09 11:38)
"Dream duo" dutch newspaper "Noordhollands Dagblad" described the ensemble of young artists Dalia Dedinskaite and Gleb Pyšniak (The Netherlands, 2011)
Gleb Pyšniak is a very talented young musician. Deeply musical, he has an exceptional power of expressivity, and I believe he can become a rising star of the next future Prof. Philippe Muller, cellist, 2011
... both Lithuanian musicians Dalia Dedinakaite and Gleb Pyšniak offered classical music in the highest completition newspaper "Liechtensteiner Vaterland" (Liechtenstein, 2009)